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Our team at Pennypop will work with you to secure PR opportunities and develop impactful PR campaigns, sponsorship opportunities and newsworthy press releases to ensure your brand is reaching the appropriate audience to help you secure new business.

We can work with you to develop a robust crisis management and communications strategy to help mitigate risk and ensure that you are appropriately prepared in the event of a crisis.

Press Release Writing

Creating newsworthy press releases are important for communicating your message in an impactful way. Our team has significant experience in crafting business releases that are published in national and trade publications.

Storyboarding & Video Producing

Our team can turn your key business messages into engaging video content through storyboarding and video editing. We have a number of key suppliers in video production from animation, drone filming and live events that we work with to create and produce impressive visual content for your brand. 

PR Program Development

Just like your marketing plan, in order to drive your brand awareness, a dedicated PR plan is required to ensure your messaging is delivered consistently in a planned way. Our team will work with you to develop a calendar of events to create newsworthy activity to promote your brand.

Scripting & Speeches

As a business leader, public speaking opportunities are important for delivering your message. Our team will work with you to script any communications from promotional tools to key note speeches and public appearances.

Training & Development

We run online sessions that will help you develop your skills on all things media and marketing, check out our training schedule to book your next course at an affordable price.

Media Training

From training sessions to role play and real life scenarios, our team will help you to develop your muscle memory when it comes to media skills.

Corporate Responsibility

We can help you develop a program to engage with your community and stakeholders in a positive way. We have significant experience in developing award winning corporate responsibility programmes to really make a difference to your employees and the environment in which you operate.

Podcast Editing

Podcasting has become a popular way of communicating with target audiences. We will work with you to develop a structure that meets the requirements of audio and edit your podcast recording to create soundbites and shows that delight your subscribers.

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