Consultancy vs Services

Choosing the offer that’s best for you

At Pennypop, we offer our support in two ways – through individual services or consultancy.


By choosing consultancy services, you have the ongoing support of our team on a monthly basis to support all aspects of your marketing and communications. There are set hours per month as part of a retainer, used to get the best value and support for your business.

Services or Project Based

By choosing services, you have the opportunity to pay as you play – completing specific tasks at a set rate. This would be suitable for small businesses with specific goals in mind and with limited budgets and resources.

Our Expertise

We’ve supported countless SME’s and worked with some of the country’s biggest companies to grow their business online and develop their brand offline with traditional marketing.

We’ve worked with companies that have both limited marketing budgets and resources and also some that have massive budgets and with both, we can achieve results that exceed your expectations by prioritising your brand requirements.

We can help you enhance your digital brand and online presence across all your social media and drive traffic to your website. This will provide the data to help you understand what is working for you, who your customers are and what they want . Then we can tailor your communications to enable you to sell, sell, sell!

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